Teddy Bear Guy & Other Annoyances

Last evening I stopped at a crowded grocery store with very long lines. The shoppers in the “10 items or less line” had spilled across the only aisle that crosses the  front of the store creating a blockade.  A tall young man wearing mirrored aviator sunglasses & earbuds was standing near the end of the line & was also holding a giant teddy bear. He had his face, well mostly his lips, pressed against Teddy’s furry nose. I maneuvered across  the line which was difficult as neither Teddy lover nor the shopper in front of him moved an inch. Uuhhhgh.  I was tired and now I’m  irritated that they didn’t part and make a courtesy space required for others to get through. A few minutes later I was ready to checkout & happy the line had reduced to 3 people. The universe was not finished getting my attention as the first customer couldn’t get her credit card to work & the next woman wrote a check. A Check.  The last guy wants cigarettes that the store doesn’t carry anymore. We all find this out together after the (more tired than I was) cashier conducts a thorough search behind the customer service desk. Finally my turn and I am released back out to the world. As I drive off toward a beautiful sunset I notice Teddy Bear Man walking along the side of the road.  He’s still wearing aviators & carrying his giant bear. NOW I notice he is sweeping a white  cane  with  a red tip back and forth. Awwww DAMmit. Teddy Bear guy is awesome. Oh &  brave like I can’t imagine.

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