Goin’ Postal

We need stamps at work & decide to order them online. I used to think the “Forever” stamps were named as one could use them forever. Due to recent events I now think it’s because these stamps take forever to get in the mail. img_4885

Don’t be fooled into thinking that your postal worker will simply grab a couple of rolls and bring them tomorrow with your regular mail.  Nope. Apparently the Post Office believes it is better  to ship them from Missouri.

Not only do they come from Kansas City, MO these particular stamps make quite a journey around the city! We ordered on the 6th of December & it takes 2 days to process. Below is the tracking. Notice how well traveled this roll of stamps is through the fine cities of Kansas City,MO to Kansas City, KS then (through amazing planning and forethought)  BACK TO KC,MO!    Two days journey and 3 zip codes through the heartland of America!


Someday soon it will leave one of the Kansas Cities and head west…probably on a Conestoga Wagon.

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