Whatever happened to the curtsy?

I really thought the curtsy would be more of a thing based on my upbringing.  We even  had a section of P.E.which we  had to practice the curtsy. Unfortunately, my legs were so long & skinny; like toothpicks with knobby knees poking out like skewered olives, that my curtsy was not demure or sweet at all. I THOUGHT I looked  like Disney’s  Alice or 1940 actresses. My curtsy was more spider-ish with pointy elbows and legs everywhere.   Oh, one must still curtsy when meeting  Royals & when in GB  last summer I was ready. We did NOT see any Royals so another part of my education wasted. I do like the formality of the curtsy as a sign of respect and kind of wish it were still a thing.   However, now that I have the “one good knee” there is a high probability I won’t get back up.   For those not fortunate enough to have learned the curtsy in P.E. class, there is a tutorial in 5 simple steps here  in  wikiHow.  Good luck with curtsy practice. I’m off to order something from the ACME corporation & wait on the side of the road in the desert for my package to be delivered so I can catch that roadrunner… or even go find some quicksand.

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