A Different Kind Of Day

I tried to convince myself it’s just another day,

….but on this very special day someone pulled hard on a thread

from the Tapestry Of My Life;

… and unraveled their strands of COLOR to change their part in it to gray.

….all the way back to the beginning of time. 1

 ….and then just like that

my heart broke.

It’s a different kind of pain to realize your truth is yours alone.

It’s a different kind of fear to feel the prejudice you didn’t know existed.

The three who love me most tried,

….but I locked myself away to heal my δoul

Then I rewrote a lifetime of memories to protect my δpirit

Filling back in the colors as I dared…

….and sat alone realizing that coloring twisted memories is like finding a rainbow in the dark.

….and I let fall the different kind of tears.


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