I spent last night upstairs on a couch outside my mother’s room.  All night long I heard an owl that apparently  perches just outside on the chimney.    Mom says the owl also  likes to sit  in the tallest Palo Verde tree next to the house because it can take off  better to hunt. Either way the owl is announcing his presence at the exact moment I think I am finally falling asleep. (Like it KNOWS)


The hooting of the owl into the wee hours of the night made  me think about my Dad all the more.  He had actually written a story in his book “Jackie” about an owl that sat outside he and his brother Jim’s bedroom window when they were children.

Below is an excerpt from his book :

In fairer weather the boys occupied the same upstairs bedroom.  A window was at the foot of the bed on one side with a large tree close by.  The night breezes and bright moon made shadows dance through that window.  A large Hoot Owl took residence in that tree, and for nearly a whole summer the boys hid their fears under the sheet pulled tightly over their heads. Earlier that summer  Jackie had won the argument to be called  Jack now that he was older.  He was admonished by his parents that if he was big enough to be called Jack then it came with the responsibility to be not afraid. Jack had to put up with the owl.  The critter was huge and noisy!  Well they got used to it after a while and when they called to Hooty,  he would answer.  After that it was kind of fun talking to “their owl”. 

So now I am thinking that  ~Life just gets curiouser and curiouser ~ and just like Scout  in To Kill a Mockingbird when she suddenly sees Boo Radley behind the bedroom door I whisper  “Hey Dad”.



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