Two Cents

Some mornings when I buy a 79 cent Giant Diet Coke it costs either 94 or 96 cents with tax depending where the Circle K is located. Not a big deal, and I probably wouldn’t have noticed, but the phenomenon of how various clerks give me change very entertaining.pD4oCuPRz.jpg

My experiment started on accident when I noticed that when the soda was 96 cents the clerks were reluctant to dig out the four cents change. I thought it was just that one clerk, but NO!  It’s almost all of them.  I hand them my dollar with delicious anticipation waiting to see what they will do.  They look at me with their hand in the drawer, like I’m going to say something.  “Keep the change?”  Not likely.


donationSometimes they hover over that clear plastic charity box.  I proudly stick my hand out every time.  There is usually an awkward pause followed by no eye contact.  (Like they are ashamed of me for keeping my own change)  Now when it comes to 94 cents they whip out the six cents and even if they are giving me six pennies they slam that door shut and offer me

“have a nice day”.



It’s scientific; my two cents matters.


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