Cheap Date

They had me at cheap date.  The  Arizona History Museum advertises “cheap date night” on Fridays 4-8 admission is $3 so why not?

AHS-facade (2)

Interesting stories of Southern AZ including a wonderful mystery.  It seems in 1924 a man discovered a cache of lead artifacts of Roman design that have been dated 700-900 AD along Silverbell Road about seventy some inches underground.  The mystery surrounds who put them there and if there actually was a Roman colony in AZ.  It would be believable if it weren’t so improbable.  Still the iron crosses and swords are beautiful and mysterious.

The various cultures that shaped Tucson are all represented.Hohokam, Tohono O’odam, Mexican, European, Irish and Chinese. Some of the exhibits are displayed exactly as the items were found. Pottery, a Chinese fish plate, part of a china plate from England, all together.  The museum is like a walk back in time.

AHS-Arizona-History-Museum-4 (2)

There is even a full scale mine tunnel to walk through.Well… I ran through because I don’t do dark tunnels.  Especially after the museum proprietor told us how two people were hanging out in the “mine”near closing time and they accidentally were locked in.   He warned us not to get lost.  Apparently it was a real Night at the Museum. .He CLAIMED he came back and let them out.  There was just a lot to see and we spent about 2 hours exploring.

Time to wander down University Blvd. to find an interesting place to eat.   Thank goodness the wind was blowing so hard ahead of the storm because we soon smelled the smokey goodness of Red’s Smokehouse and Tap Room. Try it?  Why not?


Real Smokehouse BBQ…AMAZing.  The meat was delicately smokey and delicious. Craft beers on tap too.  Great combo.  Pleasant atmosphere and you can watch the cooks handle their meat.

FullSizeRender (3)
At Reds Smokehouse University Blvd. Tucson, AZ.

During dinner the sky opened up and the roads turned into rivers.  We ran through the summer rain laughing and puddle splashing. Notice in the picture below there is no one out on foot.  Water is about shin

Now then,  G’s hat is made of cactus fibers.  We soon found out that when it gets wet it smells like it was made from armpit hair mixed with dried pea baby food.  Unfortunately it was a pungent armpit hair dried pea  hat ride home.  Worth it though because he makes that cactus fiber hat  look GOOD!


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