Goodbye Sweet Toe


I have gone fifty plus years before I knew anyone who had a toe cut off and now I know three.  My mother, Josephine, is the most recent. She had the “this little piggy had none” toe cut off her right foot.  As a diabetic she always knew it could happen and I have to say she took the best care of herself, but the little toe just gave up.  Her new nickname is “Nine -Toe-Jo”.  I wanted to keep the toe and have a goodbye ceremony for it but they just don’t allow people to keep  body parts anymore.   I say “anymore” like I have knowledge that this was the previous practice…which I do not.   I did get to whisper goodbye to her appendage the night before the be-toeing.  “So long little one,shhhhh”.  (Be-toeing should definitely be a word.  Like beheading but with toes).  I had an idea it would ceremonious to send the toe to the stratosphere tied to a Mylar balloon, like a final goodbye to the heavens.   The thought of the toe falling from the sky landing in someone’s backyard in Lordsburg, New Mexico or some such place made me smile…Ok I know…gross… so no.   I found a passage in the Bible which tells of be-toeing.   Apparently King Adoni-bezek  cut off his captured  enemies thumbs and toes regularly. Once he was captured  his captors cut off his thumbs and toes as punishment. Who knew be-toeing was such a thing?

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