New Shoes For Baby Blue


Time to get Baby Blue some new shoes. Two & a quarter inch white wall American Classic tires. Mounted on chrome rims with baby moon hubs…whaaaaaaaat am I even saying right now?

So the other day G informs me that The tires on the 1951 Ford were 50 years old.  See  Old tires>>img_4607   the 51 is his retirement project that began  with a rusted out old Ford. This picture is after he had done the first layer of body work.image0013-1

Then one day I pulled in the garage and the top was cut off of the old car taking up the space I park.

He told me he was going to chop it (which is apparently difficult ) & French it (which conjures other images).  Then he said “Worst case we have a convertible!”  This did not ease my mind, but about a year later he accomplished it.

chopped-fordSo here it is just before paint, after hours and hours of patient body work. Lots of hours of hand sanding to get the angles right and the windows cut.



G looses track of time when he is working on the Ol’ Ford.  He would  sleep out there if it weren’t for me calling him in, like a mom calling a little kid playing kick the can until dark thirty on a summer night.  Here he is reworking the entire wiring system.

engine-on-a-stickOn to the engine which he kept on a stick covered with  a Toys R Us bag. (Which I found appropriate).



Then one day it was just time.  Time to put the engine where it belonged. It started right away to our delight.

After a lot of hard work it turned into a beautiful  piece of art.


Having old car means meet ups at burger joints and lots  of discussion about flatheads,   V8s , cams & other engine speak.  Meanwhile I am zoning out to the 50’s music and trying to ‘fit in’.


The key to happiness may be building a custom car, who knows.  All I know is it makes him happiest when he smells motor oil and hears the roar of a good strong engine.  Secretly I am glad that Baby Blue needed new shoes.  img_4626

G says it drives so much better he’s driving it everyday. Kachow!



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