Laughable Affable

Banks are way to flippin’ friendly lately. Somehow I ended up joining  in and embarrassing myself. (Again).  The  teller had her eyes waaaay to wide open, eyebrows up high above her glasses wrinkling her forehead, big jack o’ lantern smile. Her smile stretched so big I truly thought she was trying to send me subliminal messages. Such as- “Get help, this isn’t my real smile.”  After a few minutes the smile turned a little strained so I imagined the following- “I just passed gas behind this bullet proof glass and hope it doesn’t escape through the little speak hole.”Which made me laugh a little.   It was fascinating to watch and you know when someone has an accent and you start speaking the same way… Well,  I am finished with my transaction and say “have a nice day” opening my eyes wide and big ol’ smile. She was not amused.  sheldon

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