Day Trippn’ Arivaca

When deciding on a day trip in Arizona in July, two things come in to account.  The first is how am I going to stay cool and the second is why are we going away from shade and a pool? Nevertheless, Fourth of July weekend requires some effort at a road trip.  Not willing to join the hoards of people escaping the heat to NORMAL places like the mountains, or a California beach, we chose to just take a picnic to the sunny shores of Arivaca Az.  Perhaps it is a few degrees cooler…so maybe 99.

We quickly grabbed our always-packed rock breaking/gold panning backpack and the always packed picnic backpack (the second of which literally only has a blanket and a first aid kit ) . We fill the ice chest with fruit and water, water, and more water (along with 2 water filled camel packs) and head out to Subway to get a foot long.

We parked  facing this sign at a fast food restaurant next door:


OKAY!  Good to know. I am wondering WHY they need a sign that lets their patrons know they won’t refund any food that has been eaten.  There must be a story there.  Also, the two women in the car were very worried that I was taking their picture so  I tried to crop them out.  Your welcome paranoid ladies.  (Sheesh makes you wonder what they are hiding right?)

Forty minutes later we were on Arivaca Rd and ran into a random goats crossing.

Why does the goat cross the road? To get to the udder side.


It seems the goats wanted a Fourth of July getaway also. Probably. So many goats.

Soon we were in beautiful downtown Arivaca:

She dances with the wind!!


4th Street? Never found 1st, 2nd or 3rd. I think they just started with 4th.

On to the shaded Buenos Aires Preserve just to the southwest of town.  Lots of shade, beautiful breeze and wildlife.

Not sure if these are edible. Pretty though.
No water remains after the rain. It’s OK it makes it easy to collect things the water washed up.
There is a very camera shy red bird here. Trust me he is!

We even managed to find these white flowers;


The water must have rushed by very fast as it uprooted many trees.  It’s a win for us as we collect interesting root wood for projects;

This tree fell all the way across the river. Check out how tall the root ball is! G is holding my new favorite piece of wood pulled from the bowels of the roots.

We saw a lot of evidence of migrants.  Water bottles, backpacks, jackets, trash.  Which could explain this building:

Painted on the side wall.
Sign says Border Patrol can’t enter without a warrant. Interesting place!

Well we had fun,saw lots of wildlife and managed to stay cool.  However, nothing could be as cool as this sign.


Happy 4th of July to all.

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