Police State

It was all over Social Media yesterday that police officers were asked to leave a Starbucks because a woman said she didn’t feel safe.  I was confused by her action (backed by Starbucks),  and then I started thinking of what might have been the rest of the story:

Woman: “I don’t feel safe with that Police Officer in here and my Crack Sales are down!” officer any drugsWoman: ” That Police Officer looked at me funny… Like he KNOWSsay agileWoman: “Yes Rolf, we are in a planning meeting here at Starbucks. We’re singing Edelweiss and So Long, Farwell at the show tonight, but you’re too busy to come right?” rolfSteven Seagal said: “It’s harder to be a police officer now than it used to be” but he also said this so….
steven segalOh sure, I’ve experienced the awkwardness of trying to look extra diligent and drive correctly when I see those markings along side me in traffic.  I move my hands to 10 & 2 and try to look natural as I stare straight ahead. 
pulloverBut like the majority of the outraged Citizens posting, re-posting, and vowing to boycott Starbucks for their actions I am upset at the judgement and hatred. I have a family member who is a Sheriff Deputy. He struggles trying to make sense of the evil he sees all the wile believing there is good in everyone. His talent is making a difference through love.  Most officers still serve even when someone (Beyonce) is outspoken against all policemen, no matter what.


I guess Starbucks has the right to refuse service to anyone they please.  I don’t buy drinks from Starbucks, but they were my go-to gift cards and I liked to slip a 5$ gift card in for thanks to nurses & helpers.  I doubt such a big company will even notice my absense.  Still I don’t support the decision to ask them to leave. The fact the police did leave leads me to believe they weren’t acting abusive.  We don’t know the real rest of the story.

Perhaps we just need more Fred Rogers in our lives,Mr rogerswith a dash  of Cartman: giphy


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