Do You Want Fries With That?

Tonight we are crispy from hanging out at home by the pool.  Neither of us wants to cook so we are ordering a pizza.  We remember that just a few weeks ago we were in pizza heaven  in Italy and started scrolling through the pictures.  Found this gem:

imageYes she is making a very large pizza with French Fried Potatoes on top MMMMhmmm.   (Sling blade voice).   We didn’t buy souvenirs on our trip.  We decided before we went we would take a lot of pictures instead.  Scanning through them now bring back the feelings, the smells, the unique sounds.  Some of the choices the artists made for their statues make one wonder what they were thinking.

I am sure there is a story why this woman is checking out his bum.

I wonder why many warriors are portrayed naked. Personally if I was going into battle I would want my soft bits covered. Apparently later on when sensibilities became more conservative, some of the boy parts were broken off. SUPPOSEDLY to hide them and protect young minds. Personally I think they were taken as souvenirs.  In any case those that were left were covered with leaves by a more conservative crowd. Also NOT protection. Perhaps that’s why the artist decided to insert something different into his sculpture below:  image

Just a guy in a sheet.  Is that a fish??  In any case we enjoyed the subtle way the marble was molded to make the fabric seem translucent. I really like to get close and look at the hands and feet.  Artists spent a lot of time on tendons, veins, and nails.

Nowadays we get this:


No leaf on that apron.

Back to the pizza, I loved the thin crust veggie covered pizza of Italy.  I’m ready to go back.  G still likes the ol Meat Lovers hand tossed (but no fries on top for us).

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