Paris Meanderings

I am not sure what day it is as Paris steals time.  Time speeds up on the Metro as we pack our bodies together and fly through the tunnel.  A menagerie of ethnicities, languages and smells overwhelming the senses.  Hop off and a short walk back in time as we head over to the attraction for the day.


Why not start with the iconic Eiffel Tower, then cruise down th Seine at sunset.




All along the bank of the River people gather as couples or even groups waving and celebrating… well…LIFE.  Rumba, Samba, Rap and Classical music blasts from some of plaza areas as impromptu dance floors.

A little further and we are back at the Eiffel Tower lit up against the purple sky.

imageWe chose accommodations on the Seine staying in a boat.  Life on this river is full of contrasts.  The morning fog rolls gently in as the city wakes.  Joggers, activity begins.  Each  boat that passes gently rocks us reminding us where we are.

image From the galley we can sit and enjoy a nightcap and the lights on the river.

imageimageThe first night we awke from a dead sleep to a thump on the boat, then wolves began howling. I was terrified and wondered how wolves got into the city?  The next night our neighbors had a party until 4AM.  Just when the sun was coming up the people at the party disappeared leaving me to speculate that they are vampires and that the wolves last night were just chasing them back to our neighborhood.  No other explanation works as they don’t come out in the daylight at all.

image.jpegPerhaps my brain is just packed with images so powerful I got chills.  I think visiting the Louvre on more than one day is the best as my brain can’t begin to register thousands of years of art history at once.  We saw the basics and a few surprises.

imageimageimageimageimageThen there was this poor guy.

image.jpegI think the look on his face says it all.




One thought on “Paris Meanderings”

  1. Oh my goodness – I am speechless and in complete awe! Such breathtaking scenery and art. I’m sure this is something you will cherish forever!! 😉


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