Paris Catacombs!

image.jpegFirst of all it looks like a ghost on G’s face. It  must have been a friendly ghost or a woman ghost trying to make out with him. Nice try ghost chicka.

Les Catacombs!

Seeing all those skeletons is  like watching fire. Beautiful, terrifying, destructive, engaging, and hypnotic adventure. It did make me feel like I  had to take a hot bath afterward.  The magnitude and amount of bones is incredible.

imageimageThere were sayings everywhere, but we don’t read French so they could have been saying “you are cursed” or “There are diseases down here and you people paid for this tour hahaha” and the phrase  “We are all bones in the end” came up a few times (which I  kind of liked).

We had a few questions that weren’t answered on the recorded walking  tour.  1.  If the bodies were so full of disease, and they even dug up many of them, why not just cremate them?  2. How long do the germs stay on them…’cuz we’re walking through thousands of skeletons here!


We took 135 small circular steps down and then walked through a long limestone lined tunnel to get to the tombs.  Knowing there is an entire city above is quite unnerving and the recorded tour seems to delight in letting one know that fact. The city seems so far away as we walk along damp ancient limestone.   They have guards posted at various intersections and they remind me of rats hiding in the dark, scurrying around when they think your purse is going to swing into a skull or something.  (Yep, I got yelled at).

Below is my favorite skull.  He is very smiley.

imageBeing such a macabre place one would think it would be sad, but somehow I felt extremely peaceful down there.  Many souls left their bones as art for us to see.  Many souls with families, lives, talents, and professions we know nothing about.  They are anonymous, they are famous.  Life is short; live large!


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