Goodbye Paris My Love

It’s hard to say goodbye to this beautiful city.  Staying on the boat was incredible.  We enjoyed the unique wood cabin, the view from the table where we enjoyed our coffee in the morning to the city waking up and cocktails at night to the beautiful lights on the water.

Air B&B has the information on the boat.

‘The boat was all this dark wood. This is the fancy door to the loo.  The feeling lying on the comfortable bed listening to the rain on the roof was quite magical.


image.jpegThis city steals your heart away.

image.jpegI have a video coming as soon of the bus going round the Arc de Triump.  No lanes, just go for it!


There were many unusual ways to get around the crowded city.  Lots of crazy parking and then there was this guy sloshing up several  beer kegs delivering to the restaurant.


Wonderfully helpful locals were on every corner. Parisians are so full of life.  So many kind strangers.  Perhaps the recent bombings, perhaps just the times, but we felt a surge of optimism here.

Viva la France!






3 thoughts on “Goodbye Paris My Love”

  1. Avbsolutely fabulous, remarkable, and wonderful!! how fun, gathering such great memories you’ll cherish forever! 🙂 Sending up prayer for a safe trip home too. 😉


  2. Thank you for sharing some of your adventures and pictures, such great memories you and Gary have made. I think staying on the boat really added to the experience.


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