Cable Street Inn

Cable Street inn at the East end of London is an antique gem.  Once a pub in the 1700s, the charming owner Julian has transformed the building into a cozy inn.image.jpegWe enjoyed meandering through the park next door and St. George Church.  There is an abandoned building behind to explore. Below is a shack that is yet to be renovated on the church grounds with plants growing on the roof.

image.jpegShadwell Underground Station is right next door and we had an easy time getting to all of our destinations.  London was easy to navigate this way.  We spent a lot of time  looking around the magical little inn we had chosen.  It was so easy to get swept up by the charm..

imageimageimageimageimageimageThe bathroom kept the old feeling while being clean and modern. I appreciated all the light pouring in from the wood framed window.


I think the most wonderful surprise was the rooftop terrace overlooking the park area, the church behind,  and a beautiful modern art mural depicting the famous Cable Street Riot.


Fun place from which to base our London experience!

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