Weekend Reset

I have to say it was very considerate of my husband to have emergency surgery on a Holiday Weekend over Memorial Day so that I wouldn’t miss any work!  Suddenly struck with excruciating pain in his abdomen/chest we headed to the ER on Thursday. Weirdest thing ever; His stomach protruded into his esophagus folding over and blocking it. Cut from sternum to belly button he actually recovered quickly and was home in his cozy bed by 5pm Monday evening.

Even though hospitals and surgeries are not new to me, I still learned a lot of things from this experience. Nurses are Rockstars-a given. Time is relative. If you’re waiting for pain medication then minutes seem like hours. If you are at home grabbing a quick shower time flies by so fast you may end up wearing your shirt inside-out back to the hospital. (Yep, totally did that.) Laughter is the best medicine except after abdominal surgery. Each shift change start over patiently explaining what you need. This may be due to a nurse named Maria who  put her convoluted opinion in the chart.  This must be done every 12 hours to the new shift nurse and tech. One must work very hard to change the opinion of Maria the Know-it-all nurse who wouldn’t give you a blanket and thinks vertically cuting  the abdominal muscles and pulling a stomach out of an esophagus is like a C-section.  Finally most of all – there’s no place like home.

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