Zion For Days

We planned several days to explore Zion and still not enough time.  Choosing to enter from the East end of the park was a great decision for us. The RV site located less than a mile from the entrance was much less crowded than the Hotels and camping areas to the west.
I would recommend the Hi-Road Campground for  convenience and surrounding beauty.

However, a rake and a little maintenance would go a long way. WiFi only in the laundry room/showers only and sites were not policed for trash and debris. Even though conveniently located just off the highway, the traffic simply stops around 8pm when the National Park closes. Very dark and quiet.  Great for a cozy fire & stargazing.

 Hiking, hiking, hiking for all skill levels.   Starting at the visitors center, and with the help of some knowledgable park rangers, we were able to find exciting and challenging trails.

On one of the trails we were approached by a barefoot young man and his very friendly dog named Bogart. We chatted for a while learning he was from Maryland and how sad he was that  he had to be  back at work in 10 days.  We played with Bogart and listened to his stories about traveling across the US in an RV aloneand the people he met along the way. He gave us directions up the dry riverbed to a lovely area. We said our goodbyes and headed out.
About half way through the hike under a ledge we saw a piece of paper flapping in the breeze on a jar full of green buds and flakes. It had rained the day before so we knew the note was freshly placed.  G investigated and the note said “From Me to You”   Inside the note  went on “Trainwreck, use at your own risk!  ENJOY!” We laughed and surmised that our new friend fashioned himself as some sort of modern-day Johnny Appleseed, and whatever “Trainwreck” was he wanted to share.  We left it for the next person to discover.
A storm moved in the next day creating an eerie fog near the peaks of the mountains.
We were excited to see the water in action. Whichever one of us was driving the passenger was on waterfall patrol.​
Sometimes we are lead to a place and we don’t know why. West of the park we pulled in to discover the Fort Zion Virgin Trading Post.

I have to say it was one of our most colorful stops!  We enjoyed the quirky buildings outside. They even have a petting zoo.  It is a definite must see!!  Be sure to save time  for some Homemade Ice Cream after  a yummy lunch at the restaurant.
We asked about the area and were introduced to the Owner, Andy.  We talked for about 90 minutes and were fascinated by his interesting stories.   One I can share was about the Coyote Dance. The indigenous people of the area believe that on  full moons Coyote’s gather high on a certain mesa and dance in a circle to celebrate their strength and victories.  Andy and a friend were hunting on top of a mesa in the area and came across disturbed ground in a circle  around a some brush. He whipped out his phone and showed us pictures of the circle and zoomed in on what surely seemed to be coyote footprints.1087535980Here’s the coincidence; One of G’s favorite artists is  Robbie Robertson to whom he listens every morning during workouts. His favorite song is Coyote Dance.     <Click on the link to listen.Ahhh Beautiful Zion, I will see you again.













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