The Fork In The Road

Often my favorite places are forks in the road.  Stopping at Cameron Trading Post Est. 1916 is one of those. We hook up at the RV sites and begin our adventure.


Exploring the area we are delighted to find such an interesting art gallery full of color.

We quickly unhook from the RV and head to the South Rim of the Grand Canyon.


Even though we have visited these same sights often, we always come away with a different experience.


We met Louise Y. Nez, a weaver.  Her hands lifted the different colors of thread through her loom with ease. Mesmerizing.


Not surprisingly she has made hundreds of rugs as she began weaving at twelve. Three of her daughters & one son continue the tradition.


Her work is exhibited in museums all over the world.  Unfortunately, some of her work is labeled unknown.


On to climbing the tower for the view inside and out.


My husband, who as you know does not do well in crowds & whose “whisper” can be heard for miles, commented on the following wall art:

WHISPERS “Look it’s FART MAN” …..echoes through the tower…a 6th grade boy thinks he’s HILARIOUS!
A visit to the Tusayan museum provides history of the inhabitants of the area and  a walk around some ruins and kivas.

EBC4B801-91E1-4240-86B3-35B2AECD389074390359-6FD6-439E-BD41-D662206FF147BA3D6BDC-3FFC-4F3E-8D05-8EA4BCB6FEABBack to Cameron for an afternoon stroll through the gardens.


A lovely way to end a day.













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