So Much Better In Leather

I finally finished cross referencing  90 sites from a field guide to minerals and fossils to the Arizona Gazetteer!



My celebration consisted of me finding and cleaning up  an old leather briefcase to hold the field guide and maps so that they may be accessed quickly.  Plus it looks very Indiana Jones.   Many times we decide to go at a moment’s notice so I have assembled kits. Like some kind of crazy hiking hoarder. We always have  a panning/mining backpack ready to go (just in case).

Gold Pan, pick, huge screwdriver (for poking between rocks), spade, foldable shovel, magnet (for pulling out heavy metals), eyedropper (for sucking up tiny gold) magnifying glass and not pictured are the collection jars for the gold.  All fit in a regular Jansen backpack.  

We also keep a hiking kit ready in a brown plaid backpack.

Boots, gloves, walking sticks, compass, hats, knife.  Not pictured but always with us are plyers for cactus removal, sunscreen and a first aid kit. 
Picnic kit is a fully stocked picnic basket and a thick blaket

By far the most important thing of all  is water. Even in the winter we take at least a gallon a person.   I made these holders crocheted out of plastic bags.  They hang from our backpacks and we refill the bottles so no plastic waste.


Arizona weather can go from blazing hot to freezing cold so we always dress in light layers and carry along jackets.  Kits are packed and ready for the next adventure!



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