Your Soaking In It

Found this gem this past weekend the Kachina Mineral Spring and Spa.


Nothing fancy but very  clean and relaxing inside.


The  staff is so welcoming and made us feel comfortable immediately. We had a few minutes wait and learned a lot in just a few minutes.  They were all so knowledgeable about essential oils, reflexology and massage.


We chose the Full Spa Package which is a 15 minute soak in hot mineral springs followed by a massage then another relaxing soak. We were taken to a private room leading to another private soaking area. Very quiet with soothing music playing.  I was pleased to see  how clean it was, especially the  the soaking area!   (I had been a little worried about that part). Feeling confident in our surroundings, we slipped down into the hot mineral water.  Soon tension, aches & pains vanished. I could even breathe better.  It was extremely relaxing, rejuvenating, for body and spirit.  All massage should begin this way!


 G and I had side by side massages which really made me feel comfortable.  Each of us were convinced our masseuse was the best. It was our topic of discussion on the 2 hour drive home.  I actually have never had such a good massage. G says his was in the top two he has ever had (which is saying something, he is very picky and has had many ).


This is Brian my masseuse. He’s hiding those wonderful hands.


I highly recommend Kachina Mineral Springs. TURN HERE!!

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