Because Socks, That’s Why

We discovered the most comfortable socks by Russell which are specific right and left foot. Worn properly they are super comfy. However, I do not have the kind of patience to match socks from the dryer (It’s kind of my thing). As long as they feel similar in texture I am great!  Color & style doesn’t matter so there will be times when one is green and an anklet and one is white and a footie hidden down in my shoe.

G on the other hand has a very organized sock drawer.   He even has ‘going to the doctor socks’ which still look brand new.  It could be the reason I can’t wait until it is cool enough to wear boots.  In the summer ONE HAS TO MATCH SOCKS because people can see (and are a bit judge-y).

Today G was talking with me while I was dressing and I couldn’t find the super comfy Russel R sock (so basically wearing two left socks…again).  He’s laughing at me as I search my sock drawer and find L, L, L, L,… I mutter “how does this even happen?


G answers my rhetorical question very animated; “I’m reading a book where the detective thinks the dead girl was murdered.  She was a runner and the evidence that she had been re-dressed was that the left and right socks were on the wrong feet.  That theory wouldn’t work for you”.

Great, now I am thinking about getting murdered and no one would know. BECAUSE OF MY SOCKS!

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