How Shocking!

I was electrocuted in Mexico.  Shocking?

Not if you know me. It could have ended  badly but I channel Wile E. Coyote  regularly so I just went with it.  I wish someone had filmed it so I could see the cartoon I picture in my head – my skeleton blinking while my hair stands on end and a loud buzzing noise.  After it was over I kept looking up for a piano or an anvil to be speeding toward my head from above.

electrocution  The Electrocution:   I was standing at the rear of the RV washing sand off my feet reached out and grabbed the ladder for balance. The ladder sent 117 volts through me for about 6 seconds.   All I kept thinking was let it go, let it go LET IT GO…which I did.  Now that damn song is stuck in my head.  Perhaps forever, who knows with electric shock.


 This is the culprit. There is a beautiful view from this angle.  Looks in code right?

I see my friends come running while I lay  in the dirty puddle of water and am truly embarrassed.  This is way too much real life attention for me.  I am fine and now I keep thinking get up, get up GET UP! Which I do and notice a cramp in my foot is gone!


The cure for foot cramps is ELECTROCUTION!  Who Knew?  

It’s been 3 days now and the new  thing I learned about electrocuting myself was that  is not the just the voltage but the length of time. (Good information to have if you are standing in a puddle of water holding on to an electrified piece of metal) Luckily I didn’t hold on long enough for burns but the tingling stayed.   It did effect the part of my brain that won’t allow me to sleep and I relive the event in my dreams.    I need a just need a new dream catcher, this one is fried.

Update: I was just informed that one must die to be electrocuted, so I must correct myself that it was an electrical shock (because one must be accurate). Apparently.  Unless you’re Bill Murray





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