I really like rocks~It’s a problem


I am hugging this rock because I love it.  I didn’t want to leave it and really studied how to get it out. Even though it is a basalt rock and has been in that location for millennium, I am sure it wanted to come home with me.   It is a lot heavier than it looks. I will have to resign to  a visit now and then. Each place we go I assign a memory to a rock and bring it home. Sometimes it’s just a tiny pebble I slip in my pocket (like the time my daughter swam in the freezing cold tide pool at pebble beach). Sometimes it’s a big one (Like the time  I told G “Never-mind, you can’t lift that one”…so it’s in our front yard now).  My rock memories are everywhere.   I need them like Tootles needs his marbles.

image      imageG thinks it’s funny to hide random rocks, marbles, weird statues, or anything he finds in the yard somewhere on a shelf   for me to discover.  It’s become a such a thing that even some of our friends have joined in.  While standing in the kitchen after some house guests  had left, we found a jade skull among the random rock/marble/statue collection.   Another time it was an iron peace sign.  He is quite proud of this tradition he started.   Some of our best days have been hunting for unusual rocks or panning for gold.   Of course it is  fine when we are on the road but this  time we are flying.   We are taking an extra  checked bag  that is  filled with gifts and goodies to leave there.  Some see an empty bag, I see opportunity.   We can check up to 50 pounds. Not sure how Customs would look at the situation.   Hmmm ….. “But Mr. Customs officer sir, they are MEMORY ROCKS! They’re IMPORTANT!” One does not go around taking pennies/wishes out of wishing wells either right?  It’s logic, I think they would understand. The Tucson Gem and Mineral Society

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