Saguaro Love

imageEvery May the forests of saguaro cactus bloom and hold their bouquets to the sky.image.jpegIt’s my favorite time of year.

The flowers turn into red fruits later. A brave bird has made a home in the cradle of arms.imageSome birds peck holes in the body of the Saguaro and stuff them with nests  for their birdie families. The holes leave scars and  when a saguaro dies the scar remains kind of like a leather boot.  Ambitious birds made the condos below. Which I turn into what I THINK is art.

The inside of the Saguaro is full of fiber, water and has ribs.   Below is a picture of  a dried Saguaro  that fell in the yard. Most of the fiber is scraped away leaving just ribs.

imageHard to believe there are ribs inside these thorny giants. image

Tohono O’Odham people have lived in the desert for centuries and make wine from the red fruit. NATURALLY I had to try it.(They had me at WINE).   image

While  cooking the “recipe” I  noticed it smelled like potatoes. So I put in more sugar.  That might have been a mistake and I think I waited too long for it to ferment because it was WAY too strong. It did taste suspiciously like Vodka. Well if Vodka was 100 proof and tried to kill you. Poured it out just in case, didn’t want to set anyone on fire from the inside.                                                    (I’m kind of a hero like that. You’re Welcome ). image.jpegSo here is the Saguaro  fruit rinds displayed in the Tohono O’Odham tradition to bring the Monsoon rains to the desert. Like magic it rained the next day.  There just might be something to these old traditions.

This is Tucson!

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