Ghost Hike

Beautiful 79 degrees here in Southern AZ-so let’s go hiking!

Moon Over Madera


No way  staying inside on such a beautiful January day!

Treasure hunting in fallen trees for a specific shape of wood to finish a project.   My backpack is already full of NOT the right shape of wood. 04851eb0-6d26-4118-9f1a-e8dd22959491

We flushed out a pair of cotimundi out of their nest.  I was not fast enough to get a picture so here is an internet picture (ours were BIG & a bit redder than this guy):


They may have been headed down to the stream937822dc-4d2a-4799-8919-36b51718db44


58be67f3-d46d-4d13-a770-1877ba7bcf65Suddenly we come across this trail to an abandoned building!  I am so excited!  Walking through tall grass is not my favorite (sneaky snakes).  We are on the lookout for crawly things and No Trespassing signs. All clear so here we go…


It is fun to think about the families that gathered here, their pictures that hung on the wall, What the curtains must have looked like.  Much to imagine except…


…LOOK it’s the kitchen sink!  Below an abandoned Teddy Bear which makes me a little forlorn.   Poor homeless Teddy.

bd41df8c-7eea-4ffb-8310-c46133dda224Lots of good opportunity to play with the light and texture of this old place. Camera Roll below:










The view of the Baboquivari Peak is stunning.


We had so much fun and yes I did find a rotted chunk of bark for my project.   Two times we  passed a man beside the path who was watching for birds. Each time I had a boogie board sized chunk of bark under my arm.  The second time we stopped to chat as he recites the types of birds he is watching.  He asked me “Is that the same piece of wood I saw you with earlier?” To which my G replies “She just carries wood around for exercise.  Cool huh?”  I smile & the birder looked puzzled but said nothing as we turned away and  continued down the path.


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