Five Palms yes or no?

We were treated to dinner at the Five Palms Steak and Seafood restaurant for a company Christmas party.  G & I get there early to make sure all is set up.


YEA we are set up in a beautiful private room upstairs with dark wood, beautiful ceilings.


Really looking forward to dinner here in this lovely place.


The sun had not yet set so our view was spectacular.


Having time to spare we wandered next door to the upstairs bar and out to the patio to watch the sunset. Beautiful desert views & excellent cocktails.


Loving the black & white flooring mixed with the dark wood.


Looking up in the bathroom made me feel a little like Alice in Wonderland.

Having praised the ambiance & cocktails, I now have to deliver the bad news.The food was very disappointing.  Our party was only 10 people & although our waiter was diligent & very accommodating he couldn’t make up for the quality of the food.  The appetizer came our right away but our main course took more than an hour.  The food was delivered cold, plates were cold & one chicken meal was RAW!  Bloody raw chicken.  We sent it back and by the END of the meal they delivered a plain (perhaps microwaved) chicken breast.  It wasn’t the dish that was ordered and we were leaving so the guest just took it to go.  I enjoy fancy steakhouse mashed potatoes, but cold steaks and cold mash potatoes so  unappealing .

Conclusion:  I WANTED so badly for this to be great.  I wanted to find a new exciting place to go.  Perhaps they are trying to take on too much, or maybe the chef is in the Murder and Magic Show that was going on. In any case the food was not the standard they boast and definitely not worth the price.

Question:  Should we give them another chance?  I can’t decide.


3 thoughts on “Five Palms yes or no?”

  1. What a shame, I too love to find a really good restaurant especially if the atmosphere is delightful and by the photos it looks beautiful . that’s a disappointment. I’ve never been there but I’ve always wanted to try it. It’s always nice to hear of good restaurants to send your gift to but I guess that might not be one of them . loved hearing your post


  2. What a shame. 😦 Did anyone say anything to the manager? If they’re conscientious at all, they should welcome the information. I wouldn’t be rude, byt don’t think I’d go back….


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