Mt Lemmon Meanderings…

Today my parents have been married 65 years.  Holy matrimony!  I can’t even commit to a show on Netflix to binge watch.  In their honor we decided to take a picnic to  Mt Lemmon.  We are so lucky to have this beautiful piney forest just minutes away from the hot desert floor.   Along the way we spotted a few waterfalls in the 7 Cataracts area.

Waterfall 7 Cataracts


Tucson is around 2400 feet and in a few minutes we are pulling into Rose Canyon Lake at 7000 feet. We arrive at the lake  early (but not too early, puleeze). It’s around 10 and there is a family excitedly walking up the trail  toward us with a very full stringer of fish.

The approaching kids exclaimed loudly that they  used worms, elaborating on all the gross details of putting a live worm on their hook. Of course we had an OBLIGATION to hear their fish story. They were showing off as local experts sharing their  knowledge and establishing themselves as Rose Canyon Lake Royalty.    Once at the bottom of the very easy trail we see the lake shining on this clear day.

Fishing Spot at Rose Canyon Lake

The lake has a cement walking path on the right (South? I am all turned around up here! ) There is a nice  a dock for fishing too. The cement walk and dock are full of giggling families. We turned left on the dirt trail and soon found a picnic spot. Voices carry across the water which make it so fun to hear the glee of the children  as they celebrated their catch!  We watched two men teach another grown man how to fish for the first time. Sheepishly he followed their instructions, made a beautiful cast and wham! Fish!  He was so happy and sounded exactly  like the children across the lake.

Picnic spot overlooking the lake

A few years ago we watched this mountain in horror from the valley below as most of the trees in this area burned. At night it looked like the crack in Amelia Pond’s room. (Random Dr. Who reference for my whovians)

This picture is called “return of the crack”.  That’s Eleven’s silhouette on the left.

I am now happy to report there are a lot of  new trees beginning their young life.  I know I won’t get to see the forest regrow my lifetime.  I am just so happy for future hikers and future families that the forest will return to the glory I remember.

Baby trees below  a burned tree.

It’s not easy being a tree here on this granite mountain.  Sometimes fancy roots are the only answer.


imageA breeze swirls around transporting the most delicious pine smell.

This is THE perfect place for a picnic.



After a while we head back down to the valley with a fresh sense of being.  Beautiful day here at Rose Canyon Lake.


One thought on “Mt Lemmon Meanderings…”

  1. Absolutely beautiful! I loved going on picnics to Rose Canyon, when I was a kid. It was our favorite spot for a weekend get-away! I really miss those times. :-/


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