While freaked out riding shotgun on the wrong side of the car flying down the motorway in Great Britain, making small talk,  I asked the driver (my niece) why they don’t have rest stops? She points out the numerous cars stopped on the side of the road and men in “the stance” with their back to the motorway.  She says “men are lucky, they can just stop whenever they want here, it’s a thing”.  Somehow I think that privilege is  international.


Which brings me to the daily occurrence of me caching G in the same stance in various locations outside our house. Sometimes I can just see his head and shoulders above the backyard wall as he looks off to the distance, but I know.  He looks at me  as sweet and innocently as you can imagine, blinks a few times and says “What?”.  Sometimes he doesn’t even try to hide and stands on the 2 foot retaining wall on the side of the house. It’s a better view of the city there.


Since Tucson had the water shortage and a BEAT THE PEAK  campaign,  G points out  that he is saving 3.25 gallons of water each time.( He’s thoughtful like that). One day an animal exterminator got to talking about desert predators, specifically the coyotes that were jumping our 6′ wall. The expert claims to keep coyotes away one should pour urine of any kind around the perimeter.He went on to say where one could purchase urine.   I knew as soon as the words left the exterminator’s  mouth that G was thinking “CHALLENGE ACCEPTED!” Securing the perimeter has been his goal ever since.


I have to say that although there are many coyotes on the property, we haven’t seen  one come near the so called perimeter. He is very proud of this fact.  Our backyard babies like the quail and rabbit population has boomed. Thanks to G’s particular talent they now have a safe haven for all. He’s like a hero.

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