Yep, This Happened

It’s not what you think.  All we did was ask directions.


imageTraveling like we are teenagers it’s easy to overdo it. Venice is a walking city. We logged in average 10.2 miles a day (according to my health app).  Therefore on the 2nd day G’s back froze up.  We needed a doctor so naturally we asked a pharmacist.

Back to WHY we were being perp walked. (Yes, perp walked. Five abreast very slowly as in I didn’t think a human could walk so slowly). We continued along the sidewalk between all the busy shops and the busy café.  The 3 police men were packing rapid fire machine guns held diagonally across their chest and wearing oh-so-cute little monkey hats.  Their eyes scanned the perimeter as they joked in Italian (surely at our expense). Perhaps we should have been embarrassed by the full on police escort but we ate it up and played right into it as people stared and then looked away quickly when we made eye contact.  ANYway, they dropped us off at the doctor which was (in true Italian signage) at the complete opposite end of the square from where the sign with the arrow and a blue cross that said clinic.

The doctors asked a few questions, observed him and then just gave him a shot in the back. We wish that we knew what it was because it cured him.  The entire visit including the shot cost six euro.  All around the best $6.76 we ever spent.

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