The Venice Experience~

It is estimated that 20,000 people visit the Islands of Venice for the day from the mainland.    They take tours and see the sights which is beautiful of course, but  Venice is so much more than it’s famous gondolas and canals. There are too many museums to see in one week. Too many restaurants, buildings,waterways, churches & the list goes on.


I just wish I could send you the smell of the entry to our Hotel courtyard complete with the old well.  Only way to describe it is ancient wet limestone that smell like you just pulled them from the bottom of the sea, rubbed 100 years of cooking smells in them, and fresh flowers.  It is a wonderful earthy smell unlike any other in the world. We stood here many times just deep breathing trying to make a memory.


Water gathers around the drain on the limestone floor near the well.,  The marble stairs are to the right at the end of the room. An old entry courtyard is  now the interior.  How many years I don’t know.


Once away from the crowds we slow down.  Feel the cobbled streets under our feet, touch the crumbling walls, squint at the sunlight that peeks through open passages.  The city is quiet until the bells ring at 9 am sharp.  Suddenly the street below  come alive.  Shops open, daily life begins. Voices fill the streets.  Tours arrive from the mainland a little later.  We have the morning to ourselves with those of us staying in town.


We take breakfast on the Plaza San Marcos.  Chamber music plays at each little sidewalk cafe, taking turns to ensure the square is never without a soundtrack. Only the sound of the music, footsteps, birds and each other can be heard.


Time to explore and get lost in Venice once again.



imageimageimageWe soak it in, feel the rhythm of the city. Its a short walk from the higher end shops to the daily life of the Venetians.


Finding textures and beauty everywhere like the mosaic flooring below.



We make a habit of looking up.   It is interesting what one can find by looking up!



Looking up paid off as we discovered a rooftop patio on a hotel that welcomes visitors to take a beer or lunch and enjoy. Below is the view over the rooftops of the island.




Sea breeze and warm sun while watching the busy waterways below.

In the evening the day trippers are gone and the pace slows again.  Time to enjoy what can only be described as MAGICAl…


Twenty thousand people daily and Venice returns to what it was centuries ago.  So many faces, so many cultures visiting.  I look in their faces and sometimes I see the same look I had when I was 19 years old.  The knowing that one will return someday…

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